Cherry Blossom - Quinones Race

Cherry Blossom Festival

Congratulations!!! We finished the race! 10 miles !! All went well. Thanks to all of those who participated and those who came to support us.
Together we will find a cure one day!

- Q

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If you would like to donate to Dr. Quiñones’ research and treatment, contact Elaine Eberhart at or please click on the link below and include the gift designation on the online form as “Dr. Quiñones-Hinojosa's Laboratory.” Or if you simply wish to make a monetary contribution please visit to help further our quest for healthy brains everywhere.

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Another great way to get involved and make a difference in Dr. Q's research for a cure is to host a fundraising event. Hosting a fundraiser is a unique and fun way to raise awareness amongst your family, friends and community and help get us closer to finding a cure.

If you are interested in hosting a fundraising event of your own to benefit Dr. Quinones' brain tumor and brain cancer research, Dr. Q's team is available to help and provide guidance!

Elaine Eberhart will be delighted to answer any questions related to fundraisers:

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Learn more about dr. q's team to run for brain tumor cancer research

Run! Run! Run! Dr. Q, his team, and other members of the neuro-patient family were present at the Baltimore Running Festival for a day of healthy fundraising. All it takes is a healthy half or whole marathon run to aid in the fight against brain cancer. If you want to run for a cure, join our team in one of our upcoming race !!

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