Jane Zweig. A great woman who received a new life from Dr.Quinones



Jane Zweig, with the unwavering support and love of her family, triumphantly had her brain tumor removed. She had been carrying around the knowledge of her brain tumor for four years, and with its removal, she now has a new outlook on life.

Jane has always been a great multitasker; from running a successful international business to raising two sons, Jane has always moved at full speed. In 2009, Jane began tripping frequently. She did not think anything of it—just that she might have to slow things down a little. Her internist, though, thought it was worth it to investigate this further. Jane underwent a brain MRI and then left for a week-long beach vacation with her family. When she returned, she had an alarming voicemail from her internist, urging her to call as soon as possible. There was a finding on her MRI.

Through a cousin who is head of radiology at Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Jane was able to connect with Dr. Quinones. One of the things the Jane loved the most about Dr.Quinones was that he assured her that he “treats everyone as they were my family.” The team of neurosurgeons and neurologists working with Jane were unsure about what type of tumor she had. While it looked cystic in nature, they also could not rule out the possibility that it was some type of parasite that she picked up while traveling internationally for business. Whatever this was in her brain, it was encapsulated. For the next four years, Dr.Q and Jane made the decision to just watch her tumor through MRIs.

In February of 2013, just over 6 weeks ago, Jane was in a minor car accident. She decided to drive herself to the Emergency Room. As she was walking into the E.R., she fell and was having a very hard time getting up. Coincidentally, the Physician’s Assistant on call in the E.R. used to work for Dr.Quinones, and she quickly made a call to his office. Jane was sent to Dr. Q from a brain CT and it seemed as through the tumor had grown a few centimeters. The time had come for Jane to get her brain tumor removed.

Jane underwent a successful operation that removed the tumor from her brain. After a sample was sent to pathology, it was determined that it was not of parasitic origin. The tumor was a Grade I meningioma. With the removal of this tumor, Jane was given something in return—her life back.

After the surgery, Jane set a goal to attend a conference with 20,000 people in D.C. only two weeks after her neurosurgery. Like the strong woman she has always been, Jane pushed hard in her recovery and was able to attend the conference with more energy than she had in the last few years. Her husband, Bob, was there for Jane to lean on for support.

Inspired greatly by her journey with a brain tumor, Jane has decided that she would like to become involved with Dr.Quinones’s fundraising efforts to help raise funds for research that will one day find the cure for brain cancer. She hopes to hold a gathering where she can introduce Dr.Quinones to the community around her and explain the importance of his research.

Jane has always been a person to get involved with a cause when she felt it could improve the quality of someone’s life. She is a volunteer at Gilchrist Hospice Care, and finds comfort in knowing that others, who may just be strangers, will have someone by their side when they die. With the same humanitarian intentions, Jane wants to help aid Dr.Quinones’s research so that other people will not have to go through the suffering of having to battle brain cancer.

Throughout the last few months, one of the things that touched Jane the most is how supportive her friends and family are. Friends from near and far, as well as just acquaintances from everyday life, rallied around her and are helping to make her recovery as smooth as possible, delivering everything from crab cakes to edible arrangements. Friends in Israel placed prayers in the Western Wall. Friends in England sent their prayers. And Jane’s local friends and family were there regardless of what she needed or what she wanted to do. To those who are facing a brain tumor now, Jane offers advice to not be afraid to reach out to those around you and ask for help if you need it.

When describing her ordeal, Jane feels like she had a “5-year blip where I was not myself and now I am alive again.” Not wanting to miss a moment of this newfound energy and life, Jane and her husband of 36 years have planned a cruise to the Caribbean at the end of April.

But most of all, Jane is excited to once again be energetic and lively because in July of 2013, Jane will become a grandmother for the first time!

To donate to Dr.Quinones's research on behalf of Jane, please visit her active page here: Jane Zweig Active Fundraising

Written by Alexandra Larsen