Hope Around the World: The Paris Marathon.



                   Halfway around the world from Baltimore, on April 7th, 2013, Fabio Osta ran the Paris Marathon to raise money for the mission trip Dr.Quinones will be making to Guadalajara, Mexico in the summer of 2013.

                   This great act of kindess all started when Fabio’s business partner, Lorenzo, suggested that they help raise money for Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Along with Lorenzo, and two other men, Edouard and Patrick, Fabio founded The Royal China Round Table, which is a small think-tank that is focused on social and economic issues. According to Fabio, “Among other things, RCRT has the ambition of setting itself an annual target, which consists of a concrete project with the aim of making our world a little bit better. Projects can be in any field and can have an entrepreneurial, explorative or charitable angles to them.”

                   This year they voted on Lorenzo's proposed project: to help raise funds for the world famous Pediatric Neurosurgery division of the Johns Hopkins Children's Center, based in the Baltimore, Maryland. Upon further looking into JHMI, they decided the mission trip to Mexico would be a perfect place to donate their money. As Fabio wrote on his fundraising page, “the proposed project is to help financing a neuro-surgery for a child with no access to healthcare and/or with limited economic means to afford a world-class, potentially life-saving brain surgery.”

                   Fabio was able to run his FIRST marathon in Paris (42km/26miles) in 4 hours and 14 minutes, raising over $3000 for Dr.Quinones’ mission trip. Congratulations Fabio!