Poster presentation by Chris Smith

Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins
- 18th Annual Fellow Research Day

At this Symposium event, 12 out of 80 Posters belonged to the Q-team.

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outcomes lab

Dr Quinones in the OR
How Can We Extend Your Life?

The Neuro-Oncology Outcomes Lab seeks to identify treatment procedures used both before and after surgery that improve patient care, quality of life, and mortality rates for patients with brain tumors. While the choice of treatment has the greatest affect on your life, be it surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, it’s the little things that count when comes to better living; thriving vs. surviving.

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basic research

Basic Research with Dr Quinones
Pituitary Tumors Just Might Have Their Own Cure.

Our Research Lab is looking to see if populations of stem cells already found in the normal pituitary gland also exist in pituitary tumors. Though they cause the growth of the tumor, learning more about them could pinpoint a step in the cell cycle that, if stopped, would halt their growth. Studying these cells could also lead to future medicine that would regenerate parts of the pituitary gland destroyed by the tumor.

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patient care

It’s More Than Just the Surgery

“The challenge in what we do is not in the surgery—it’s in the emotional connection you form with the patients.”—Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa

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