2016 Missions

Mission:BRAIN is a nonprofit 501 c3 organization comprised of neurosurgeons, medical device suppliers, surgical nurses, and other volunteers dedicated to bringing surgical expertise, supplies, and educational resources to patients, families, and healthcare providers in underserved areas throughout the world.


We have grown enormously with caring for many more patients and exchanging knowledge with our colleagues in Mexico. I am so blessed to be part of this wonderful experience and to give back to those who so desperately need our help. When you believe in something so special and wonderful, nothing can stop you… I only wish I could do this work around the world and I only hope I had all the resources to be able to do it.
– Dr. Q

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Dr. Q & Team in GuadalaJara

2013 Mission to Mexico

In 2013, Dr. Quinones and Dr. Michael Lawton from the University of Califormia (UCSF) led a dedicated and world-renowned team of doctors and surgeons including Drs. George Jallo and Kaisorn Chaichana (Johns Hopkins Hospital) and Dr. Rodrigo Ramos (The University of Guadalajara) to Guadalajara, Mexico as the third annual “Community Neurosurgery” project to serve the underprivileged population there.

This altruistic endeavor took place at the Hospital Civil Fray A. Alcalde in the city of Guadalajara, México and was supported in part by John Hopkins International. The program was also endorsed by the University of Guadalajara. The physicians were welcomed with open arms and, over the course of two days, they were able to perform five complex surgeries (all free of charge), including diagnostic assessment, clinical and academic discussions, and surgical treatment and follow-up in the selected hospital, thanks to the generous contributions of sponsors, including Medwish, Integra and Stryker. They took with them many supplies for use in surgery, with the remaining items being donated to the hospital.

The first pediatric surgery was on a 3-year-old boy who had almost constant, uncontrollable seizures. Our team performed a functional hemispherectomy. In essence, half of the patient’s brain that was constantly seizing was removed to control the seizures and improve the patient’s quality of life. The second pediatric surgery case was on a 1-year-old infant from an indigenous tribe in Mexico. He had a fatty tumor on his back that also resulted in tethering of his spinal cord and subsequent delays on his ability to move his legs. Dr.Jallo corrected his spinal cord and removed the tumor on his back.

The surgeons also performed three complex surgeries on adult patients. In the first surgery the surgeons operated on a very large skull base tumor on a 74-year-old patient in a very complicated surgery. In the second surgery, they repaired a right giant internal carotid artery terminus aneurysm in a 64-year-old patient and performed a 12 hour surgery to accomplish a bypass of the blood vessels and the aneurysm. An aneurysm is a widening or swelling of a blood vessel caused by a weakening of the blood vessel wall. Aneurysms are extremely dangerous because a ruptured aneurysm can lead to brain damage or death. In the third surgery, they resected a peri-sylvian arterio-venous malformation (AMV) in the dominant side of the brain in a 55-year-old patient. Anterio-venous malformations are a tangle of blood vessels in the brain. These blood vessels can burst and potentially cause significant brain damage.

They are pleased to announce that they will be returning in the summer of 2014, and plans are in full swing to return with an even bigger team and more supplies to donate, courtesy of Johns Hopkins’ organization SHARE, Medwish, and numerous medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The goal is to make an even bigger difference in the lives and longevity of these patients this year.

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