Our Databases

National Outcomes Database

Our work focuses specifically on:

1 – Investigating the role of pre-hospital factors in determining access to neurosurgical care
2 – Studying the impact of patient, provider, and hospital level factors in determining inpatient outcomes among brain tumor patients undergoing neurosurgical care
3 – Assessing the role of pre-hospital, patient, provider, and hospital level factors on long-term patient survival

We study patients of all age groups, backgrounds, ethnicities, etc. that have brain tumors in order to produce well-rounded results that can apply to all future hospitals and patients. Some of the outside resources we use are the following:

1 – Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States Database
2 – Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results Database
3 – Medicare Database
4 – SEER-Medicare Linked Database
5 – Nationwide Inpatient Sample
6 – Area Resource File